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TLIE is owned by its member insureds and is operated by a member-elected Board of Directors.  TLIE currently provides over 5,800 Texas lawyers and judges with legal malpractice coverage.  Through superior underwriting and claims practices, TLIE has returned over $46,300,000 in profits to its member insureds over the past 20 years.  Learn about some of the many benefits we offer to our members.  Our members make us what we are, and their success is our success.

TLIE offers both a Regular Policy and a Basic Policy to meet the needs of most Texas lawyers.  The Regular Policy provides broad coverage with a wide range of policy limits and deductibles.  The Basic Policy also provides reliable coverage, but with certain restrictions not found in our Regular Policy.  We also offer the Basic Policy at discounted rates to lawyers with specific, limited needs, including:

  • Referral Service Only coverage only for matters referred by certain referral services.
  • New Attorney coverage for lawyers who have been in private practice for three years or less.
  • Part-Time coverage for lawyers who practice law for a limited number of hours per week.

What makes TLIE legal malpractice policies different?

  • TLIE’s Regular Policy covers additional damages under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.
  • The Regular Policy does not exclude punitive or exemplary damages.
  • Coverage is preserved for an “innocent partners” who did not participate in their partner's criminal, dishonest, fraudulent, or malicious conduct.
  • TLIE policies have NO HAMMER CLAUSE.  If an insured doesn't agree to a settle, TLIE does not cap the insured's coverage at the amount of the settlement offer.
  • All TLIE policies have an aggregate deductible – not a per claim deductible.
  • TLIE always consults with insureds before selecting and hiring defense counsel.

Benefits of TLIE Membership:

  • TLIE is committed to helping attorneys avoid legal malpractice claims and grievance complaints.  Call us anytime to discuss malpractice or ethics concerns.
  • Our malpractice prevention newsletter contains helpful tips and advice.  You can sign up at
  • TLIE offers free online CLE to insureds that provide 2 hours credit, including ethics.
  • All of TLIE’s officers and in-house claims attorneys are licensed, experienced Texas attorneys

"Experience when you need it most."


Dependable legal malpractice coverage for Texas lawyers.

Product Information:
Dependable legal malpractice coverage. Experience when you need it most.

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